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Membership Costs

Our club is open to rated pilots and those who'd like to learn to fly.  We are equity-based and have two types of shares:  

Class A - $7,000 - may be refunded.   

Class B - $3,700 - may not be refunded.


   Other Costs:
- $500 membership fee covers legal costs, administrative expenses, etc.

- $65 a month for insurance, shade, website, scheduling, etc.

- Dry hourly rates for the aircraft are as follows:

$50 for the 150

$60 for the 172

$70 for the 182

$60 for the Grumman Tiger

$60 for the Cherokee


Club members get a discount on fuel at the Salt Lake City International Airport.

*Prices effective as of 01/04/2023

Please note: sending in an application does not lock in the current membership fees posted above.

Additional note: the waiting list is currently estimated to be at least 18 - 24 months.

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